May 182013
Definitely one of my favourite fetishes is watching two girls kissing and playing with each other when they are tied up. Needless to say I have never been so lucky as to see this for real so I have had to be content with just looking at pics and watching videos and wanking furiously. I think I have bust my nut watching this scene more than any other. Of course it has the added bonus of including one of the hottest shemales I have ever seen – Tiffany Starr – and I can guarantee that I will be watching out for her in future. In fact I may well join this site as well as promote it
Tiffany Starr and Beretta James Sucking the cock of a shemale in bondage Beretta gets shafted from behind by shemale Tiffany Starr

The first scene of this update starts off with Tiffany and Beretta in the same predicament – both tied up, both able to move but neither able to get free. They can not even free each other. All they can do is grope and kiss. Tiffany reaching for Beretta’s pussy, and Beretta’s lifting Tiffany’s skirt up just enough to reach her thick cock that bulges against her panties. Beretta can kneel in her bondage to give Tiffany a blow job – a wet, all tongue and lips blow job. The following scenes switch between who is tied and who is free. Each girl dominating, each girl submitting. Tiffany rails Beretta’s pussy and ass while she is tied and spread over a cross beam, pinning her between Tiffany’s cock and the unforgiving wooden beam. But who tops today is also who bottoms and in a finale fucking scene with Tiffany in rope and Beretta free to ride her cock and do what she pleases, the scene explodes with a nice cum load finish all over Beretta’s tits.

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May 112013

Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert (left) and Mia Gold feature in a surprisingly hot lesbian scene at Fucking Just look at them kissing; they are two girls who obviously have some chemistry together. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a double ended dildo used anally by two girls before. All that and they play with the machines to get each other off. A really erotic scene that must go in my list of the best fetish scenes ever!!!

The 23 year old hot girl apocalypse is real and scarier than zombies. These girls are in your bars, your work place, your one night stands and nothing slows them down. We have machines, electricity, vibrators, double penetration dildos, 350 – 800RPMs AND we can make them use their own tongues and fists and still, STILL, they carrying on and cum and cum until we are dead.

Mia Gold and Casey Calvert are Grrl 2.0 – and it is a sexy, epic fight for the win with these two incredible babes. You may recall Casey’s debut 57 orgasm shoot and Mia Gold’s squirting fantastico but now together, then are like the power twins and they activate in the form of cum and sloppy, wet orgasms. Good luck with these ladies when you take them home. Nothing can save you.

May 062013

Dani Daniels

Although I’m not particularly delighted to see Dani Daniels in a dominant role and I’d rather she switched with Natalie Moore, I’m still pleased to see her lovely body exposed on this anal fetish site. Hopefully this experience will show her that she has nothing to fear from anal penetration.
Anal slut Natalie Moore fucked by Dani Daniels Anal slut gets a dick-on-a-stick in her ass and one in her mouth too

Natalie Moore gets her first anal domination from Dani Daniels in this hot update with gorgeous girls dressed in latex! Spanking, gaping, fisting, ass worship and enemas are included!

Apr 282013
I recently rejoined Fucking for the second time and was looking through the archives to see what I’d been missing and found an appearance by Alexis Texas back in 2010. Unfortunately she only appeared on Fucking Machines as she seems nervous about getting fucked in bondage on the BDSM sites. This is a shame as her ass is quite something. But I’ll just have to happy with this shoot. There is a quick scene where she is getting machine fucked against a wall and when she turns her head toward the camera she looks as though she has got a squint. I think she was doing it for a laugh because she’s that kind of girl. Regrettably the longer single video is not working for me so all I can show you is this flash gallery. You’ll just have to join.
Alexis Texas' round, bouncy, juicy ass Alexis Texas has eye-rolling, ass jiggling orgasms Alexis Texas has a little bucking bull ride FM style

Alexis Texas has the most perfectly round, bouncy, juicy ass you can imagine. We put her in a burlap sack just to prove the obvious that Alexis can make anything hot.
You can see Alexis ooohhh and ahhhhing in so many pornos with all kinds of cocks fucking her BUT if you want to see her relaxed and being her goofy self while havin real orgasms then this shoot is the ticket. And Alexis will not shoot for any other kink sites so you can only see her here on
The best scene is a toss up between her breathless eye-rolling, ass jiggling orgasms with the Bunny Fucker and her ride on the Sybian which was mounted on to the Rocker to give this Texan girl a little bucking bull ride FM style. THIS FLASH VIDEO CLIP GALLERY

Apr 272013

Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette is about 18 and utterly inexperienced in the porn and fetish industry. But just look at her! I cannot wait to see her getting fucked in bondage. You can be sure I’ll be reporting it here or at Ultimate BDSM FinderLook at the expression on her face as she undergoes electro torture and gets fucked with the elctro dildo.
The lovely 18 yr old Raven Rockette Raven Rockette with copper piping behind her arms

Part 2: Raven Rockette is young and ready. She has a bad-ass attitude, smouldering dark hair and eyes, and a natural hairy bush. Lorelei binds Raven with copper piping behind her arms and knees providing a constant stream of electricity running through her body on the floor of the wet steamy shower. Lorelei is sexy in latex especially when she straps on the electric dildo and fucks Raven from behind. Raven is one step further to becoming a true electroslut.

Apr 252013
She has soft female features and a sensuous mouth that is ripe for kissing. A cock that would not hurt a male ass hole unused to penetration and nicely proportioned tits. Yes Jenna Rachels nearly has all the ideal features for a shemale – one that can pass for a natural female. But I’m not keen on the massive tattoo round the neckline. It makes her look a bit like a sailor which is a little off-putting.
Jenna Rachels has soft female features and a sensuous mouth Just right for kissing Nice sized cock

The high seas are a romantic place or at least a place to hook up with strangers you will never see again. Jenna uses her charm to seduce a ship porter and then makes him suck her cock before ramming it in his ass. SEE THIS VIDEO CLIP

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Apr 222013
This is one of those shoots that, as soon as you’ve watched the clip, you’ll want to see more. I’m lucky because I’m a member and can watch Claire Robbins as she cums again and again. The Hatchet is the fucking machine that I enjoyed watching the most as it assaulted (there is no other way to describe it) Claire’s ass.
Claire Robbins gets a hatchet in her ass

Claire Robbins is incredible. She is firey, down to do anything and cums like a screaming, overloaded freight train of sex. Watching her rip the crotch of her red stockings so the machines can get at her pussy is only the beginning of the hotness. Claire troops on to double pen fucking, ass fucking from the deep stroking Hatchet and orgasms so strong, cum streams out of her pussy while she is still getting fucked. An epic showing of awesome fucking from a super sexy babe. THIS VIDEO CLIP

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Apr 212013
Don’t ask me what’s going on here. It was meant to be a tag wrestling match to decide the loser’s ranking but it turned into a 6 girl orgy instead. All I know for sure is that it features the ever delightful Penny Barber who wrestles, as she does pretty much everything else, while wearing her sexy specs.
A 6 girl orgy

It’s Prize round time. Team Nightmare solidifies a good lead for the season. The final score is 1278 to 818. Team Dragon must pay the price with Anal sex and pussy pounding. But wait there’s more. We at ultimate surrender can’t have equal losers for tag matches. After-all it is tournament season. The whole point of tournaments is to figure out rankings. We can’t have a team lose and just be considered the “losing team” we need to know how the losers rank. What better way to determine who the biggest loser is than to have a sex fight?

Serena and Penny scissor fuck each other until someone cums. The first one to cum is the biggest loser. The one who makes her cum is #2 loser, neither are winners and they both get fucked by team nightmare while Syd fucks Dragon as punishment and warning that if she coaches her team in losses there will be a price to pay every time.

See this hot 6 girl orgy video clip

Apr 162013
Although I’m much more used to seeing Penny Barber in submissive roles, I loved this one where she submits, eventually, to sexy shemale Joanna Jett. The best blowjob I ever got was fron a girl wearing specs so I imagine Joanna must have enjoyed this one. Not to mention fucking her too of course! I also like the scrunchy decorating Joanna’s shemale cock and balls in this pic.
Scrunch decorating shemale cock and balls during blowjob with girl in specs

WTF!! There is so much going on in this scene you will be able to pick your favourite part and still have more options. Joanna Jet and Penny Barber switch in this fantasy dungeon scene that comes to life when Joanna slips in her kitchen while doing chores. Penny’s dark world involves rope and commands to earn worth. Joanna is a tied up toy with her hard cock exposed for Penny’s demands. She climbs all over Joanna’s cock, cumming while Joanna works hard to get her off. Then, in ultimate fantasy world, Joanna becomes the top and Penny must submit her ass and mouth to Joanna’s wicked, hardcore fucking prowess that climaxes in a thick pop shot.
Click the image above for this remarkable video clip.

Apr 162013
There are several aspects to this site that I’m not sure I like any more (such as enemas, anal fisting, anal gaping and prolapses) but I will never, ever tire of strap-on ass fucking and the close ups of lovely round asses which is my obsession!!!
Strap-on ass fucking

Casey Calvert gets a thorough anal workout from Katja Kassin in this sexy update! Including fisting, gaping, strap-on, dildo gag, double penetration and ass licking! Click the image above to see the video clip.

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